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Dry Fruit Cutter

What are the main factors you should look while buying a Dry Fruit Cutter?

Cutting Dry Fruits is a very common thing in every house to make different types of dishes. Many people cut dry fruits to add some value in milk while some people cut dry fruits to make different sweet dishes and the crushed dry fruits will add some value to it.

But for all that, you should have a dry fruit cutter and if you want them in q bulk quantity then you need to contact with a dry fruit slicer machine manufacturer. There are some things you should consider before contacting with a dry fruit cutter manufacturer so that you can get the best deal. Let us know about those factors.

Blade Quality

At first, users need to make sure that the blades of Dry Fruit Cutter are made up of premium quality so that the operations can be performed effectively. The blade should be sharpening and made up of premium quality so that it can crush the dry fruits quickly and can also run for a long time. We cannot ignore the durability feature because if the blades are of cheap quality then it will not perform as per our expectations and will show poor results.

Handle and Rotary

Users should also look whether the handle is available to hold or not otherwise, it will not be convenient to slices dry fruits quickly. Apart from that, there should also be a rotary that ensures different thickness as per our needs. So that users can crush the things as thick they want.


The slicer should be easily detachable so that it can provide some convenience to us. If the storing jar is detachable then it will also be easy for us to clean it manually. Cleaning is necessary if we want to make it hygiene.

Ergonomic Design

The design of Dry Fruit Cutter manufacturer should be ergonomic so that we can use it comfortably. If the design is too bulky, it will create hassles for us but if it has an ergonomic design, it will be very convenient for us to carry it anywhere.

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  • High input capacity
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy to clean
  • Occupies less space
  • Rubber base/castor wheels
  • One year guarantee
 Capacity (Kg)  30 Kg to 35 Kg
 Model (HP)  0.25 with gear box
 Sieve  4
 Size (inch)(l x b x h)  17” x 13” x 21”
 Weight (Kg)   32 Kg


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